Friday, July 1, 2011

Party in room 6N-04!!

Hello blogishpere,

Rachel here. Tara asked me to blog for her so... here I am! Lucky - you guys get to listen to me ramble. But really, we have been here in this room siiince... Oh I don't even know. A long time. The days are all jumbling together. Yesterday Ryan, Steph, Brig, and Cami came and visted her. They played Rook and kept her company. Even though Tara just had brain surgery, she and Ryan smoked Mom and Steph in a game of Rook. Skills.

Last night I got to stay with her. It was definitely my first time staying over night in a hospital room and not being the one hooked up to IV's. But, the hospital does have decent couches... so that's nice. So Tara and I watched Project Runway until about 10:30 and then she decided it was bedtime... I decided it was bedtime at like 9:00 o'clock - I was so tired... but I stayed awake with her and we had a grand ol' time eating nasty hospital food and watching Project Runway. But she seemed okay last night, she had pain and her nurse wasn't super great at giving pain meds to her. So that wasn't very nice... but tonight will be her last night in the hospital!! So, hallelujah!

Oh and here is an update of the happenings of the hospital.
  • The plastic surgeon ended up cutting open the whole scar instead of just the little 2 inch seam that wasn't closing... That was unexpected but he said he just wanted the whole thing to close up nicely. He also shaved some of the bone to make it better...
  • They found some infection in there... it may be either Staff or MRSA. We really really reallllly don't want it to be MRSA. But regardless she has to go back on Vancomycin. And that is no fun. No fun at all.
That's pretty much it I think... I haven't been there today, so I don't know if anything new has gone down.

Tara seems to be good, Dad is finally home so she is a happy girl! Keep the prayers! And especially pray that her infection is not MRSA!!!
Tara loves you guys...

ps, here is a close up of her head....
At least they are stiches and not staples right??!

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