Friday, July 1, 2011

Good news!!

Guess what?
So Tara's infection is in fact not MRSA but it is staff!! YES! And the doctor said staff responds well to anti-biotics which means... it can kill it!
aaand... don't you worry, there is more good news!
The doctor is not going to make Tara take Vancomycin!!! He said he wants to put her on something that is easier on her and doesn't make her feel as crappy.
So tonight and tomorrow morning they are going to put her on different anti-biotics and if she responds well she can come home!!! Yay.

We love good news.
And thank you for all your prayers!!!


Birtcher said...

That's so great! Glad that's working in your favor :D

Elizabeth Cullimore said...

Holy Cow! We hope this is your last surgery and that you recover fast! We love you and hope to see you soon! Good job beating your mom at Rook! Love ya! Elizabeth