Friday, October 19, 2012

Breathe again!

This is Becky.

I have to apologize for venting a few days ago!  Thanks all for being sooo supportive!  The prayers for peace did indeed settle my nerves and Tara and I were able to enjoy our day together.  Dr. Shapiro said, "I think you're fine," which is about as "wordy" as he gets.  Scott, Tara, and myself all get huge smiles and just BREATHE again after those words.  He has no idea what a relief it is when he says that.  We never really know what we're looking at when we're looking at the MRI's, once in awhile he'll say "this is the last MRI, this is the current one" so we try to figure out what is going on in those pictures.  Apparently there is a new machine because the images seemed more clear this time; which is good and bad - easier to see a problem from untrained eyes like ours; which may cause undue panic if we don't know what is wrong and what is right!  He did say the "white stuff" (which always bugs me and I wonder what it is) was just water and not to worry.

Tara and I started our day by visiting Mandy Miller Clive, who isn't doing so well and happened to be at the same hospital we were going to; so we left early, and it was great to see her and her mom. Then, Tara was actually hungry, guzzled a half sandwich (I LOVE it when she actually enjoys eating) and then off to the MRI machine.  She again slept through the test (that's usual for her) and we talked with another brain tumor patient, then off to Jamba Juice to party until the reading of the results.  We were able to take our mind off the reading somewhat.  Backgammon helps as well! :)

The best thing about the "I think you're fine" by Dr. Shapiro is watching Tara as she leaves the office and heads towards the car.  She has the most beautiful, relieved, look on her face and she practically skips to the car.  I love that look on her face and want to see it there forever!

Love you all!  Here's to LIVING!  Enjoy each moment, each day - I know I keep saying that, but we've lived what it's like to worry about the days you have; and so the healthy days are just so sweet!  Today I'm taking my grandson to the zoo; which means I will also get to hang out with Stephanie and sweet little Katelyn which will make my day!!  Thanks sooo much for your prayers!  We always seem to need them and feel their strengthening power in our lives.