Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starting the New Year right!

Mom please go change all my errors...I am doing my best butst it ius taking a really long time to type just a few words.  (now mom is editing)

All - I am bit drunk off my meds... dilantin (seizure medicine) levels usually ride between 10 and 20 and I am coasting at a sweet 38.5. Not good. Okay, can't type very much longer. I had a seizure Sunday and have kinda been sleeping since then. I think I do weird things and I know I run into walls. I am glad I have friends who help me and family to love me unconditionally.

My scan looked good (Tara had an MRI today) though, no tumor!, and this whole med thing can be fixed so don't fret I will be sober in no time.

I still don;y unerstadn whay people enjoy getting liek this? (she's referring to being drunk)

Editor - mom here.... yes, we had sort of an emergency MRI this morning because since Tara's seizure Sunday; she definitely has NOT been herself.  Saturday night we had a fun New Year's Eve together as a family - she was playing Taboo, being her little competitive self and she seemed really sharp (with her mind) so I always love seeing Tara more like herself - so that was fun.  But, Sunday, she tanked again.  We are going to have a heart to heart with Shapiro on Tuesday and hopefully change these seizure meds because they don't seem to be doing much other than making Tara lose her appetite and making her sleepy and possibly stomach sick also.  Sometimes the side effects can be worse than what the meds are trying to help!  Anyway, good news about the MRI; but we have to deal with the meds problem somehow.  This year should be the year to rebuild Tara's strength and body; and it's tough to do that when she has no appetite.

Tara said that I can safely tell you she will post next week sometime about the cruise - we are awaiting pictures off Rachel's computer - and the rest of her life.  She just can't type coherently yet.  We did go on the cruise with no complications with seizures.  I'm glad we went - although Tara did not enjoy eating, and she was sick for about 3 days - she still enjoyed being with family, seeing the nature of the islands, and playing lots of ROOK!  I'll let her tell you more of our adventures.  I, for one, am anxiously looking forward to this year to get Tara's strength back.  We met some fellow glioblastoma friends today while we were at St. Joe's, Rick & Cindy Oehme and that was definitely a highlight for us.  He is so positive and it is always so nice to meet others who travel a similar path we travel.  Cindy is wonderful also and we actually had more than 5 minutes to talk.  Rick's motto is to make the most of every day, and I told them Tara's was "Come What May and Love it" - they liked that motto pretty well!    Why do the nicest people get glioblastomas???  Please pray for a cure.

Love you all - we'll write more later.

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