Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More of our Adventures

Okay back again to finish the catch up!
I know I ramble tons but this has also become my personal journal so I have to write down more than just what happens in surgeries and what the silly doctors say…I get to document my wonderful life!
So where were we…oh yes, I think I finished Girls Camp and then took my mom’s post and put it below mine… sorry momma!
I actually started going back to work after camp because I was feeling so well. It felt so good to get off that couch and actually do something productive. The only downside is the more I move…the more energy I use and the more energy I use the more food I need and the real problem lies there…I don’t like eating. So there I was being a good little cancer crusher eating a nice healthy lunch when doctor Kumi (the one I cannot understand) calls. All was hunky-dory until he called and told me I could not go to Lake Powell!!! WHATTTT no lake?? I was the one who got to pick this family vacation and he was trying to tell me I could not go. Maybe I cried a bit…after all, I thought my family would be going on the dream vacation without me!!! Kumi didn’t quite know how stubborn and persistent my mother and I are…he soon learned! Needless to say miracles surrounded me and I was able to go. I can’t wait to put a wonderful picture of the creation I got to wear on my head so water did not touch my precious wound. When I say miracles…I literally mean it…more than one! It was not only the wound that had to head but also the body that needed to escape infection, the port that had to be changed by a doctor who actually knew how to who was on our insurance, the medicine that could only last a few days and had to be kept cold and shipped periodically throughout our vacation, and the supplies that took more room to pack than my personal things for 2 weeks!! Oh and we had to make sure we had sterile water and cleaning supplies at the lake…lake water comes out of the faucets and there is no way that was going to work. One miracle after another solved our minuet problems and I was cleared by every doctor to head to the Lake. Doctor Smith even told me to “live a little, put your feet in the water”. That is what living a little is?? Ha! I decided not to “live a little” and stayed safely dry all week long thanks to my wonderful head arrangements and towels.   We went with the Brian and Carrie Smith family (practically our extended family) and had a blast. I had fun playing mafia and cards with those who were left behind on the house boat and even got on the speed boat a time or two just to watch the “mad air” that the wake-boarders got.
There was no way that we were going to stop our fun there! We then went back to page to get my port changed and then straight to Cedar City for a family reunion where I got to share my drugs with the broken armed and meet all these new cousins I never knew I had! Putting a helmet on was out of the question because of the wound so I got to relax back at the cabin while everyone else got literally lost in the mountains. I waited to be daring until my father was gone so he could not protest and until the riders knew their way around a bit. We made up another perfect “thingy” to protect my beautiful healing head and went on an easy…well what we call easy…ride to Strawberry Point where others looked down in awe and I trembled in fear of heights… I am as bad as my dad when it comes to heights. Me and heights just don’t get along. The rest of that adventure continued without a problem but why stop there!!!
Nest we went to Logan, Utah to see the Bodrero family and to celebrate my birthday. Josh had not seen his cousins in a while and I had a lot t meet. I had an unforgettable birthday song sung by the Larsens and actually memorized all their names…Josh get working on the Schlappi side and good luck! We had fun eating Creamies and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. Medicine was delivered cold and we were having so much fun being away from doctors that we decided to stay with my Uncle in Fairview, Utah on the way home where I had my personal highlight of the trip. I got to ride me a horsey! I love horses, always have, always will. I used to ride every year for my birthday when my great grandpa was alive and now thankfully Tyler has taken over.  It seriously is my favorite thing ever and we did not ride a silly trail either. We decided to blaze our own through the mountains. The mountains were covered with yellow and purple flowers and when we rode through sometimes my feet would brush the tops of the greenery. Ol Amiga behaved herself and leapt a few times just to give me an extra thrill. Next to my love for horses is my love for dogs and it just so happens that Tilly picked up three new lab puppies the day before we got there… I think I was in heaven! We played with the puppies, milked Bumblebee the goat and were treated to nice cold goat milk! Josh was sold on it as soon as he learned he could drink it and not get sick. He is lactose intolerant so he always gets sick with dairy products. We used the goat milk for our alfredo sauce and Josh is now doing research trying get his hands on his own goat!

So things accomplished in this trip include
No emergencies
“max air” for the lakers
Port change smoothly
Visit Grandma  Bodrero, Great grandma Bodrero, Grandma Stratton, Grandma Schlappi and Grandma mom (just wanted to add another grandma and remind my mother she is a grandma!!! )
Brig, Tara, Summer birthdays complete with candles and birthday songs
Safe quad ride
Extended family
Tutor for ACT with successful outcomes!! Yay Larsens
Horses (Josh’s first ride…rode like a pro!)
Beautiful mountains
Learn wonderfulness of goats and their milk
Lots of love and hugs from all family!

Okay now I am more caught up. Wow that was long. 1106 words and counting… it was much harder to write this much on English papers!

Sorry this is forever and a day long!

The one and only


Amy Millett said...

We used to have milk goats, but turned out Holly was allergic to the milk, which is funny because it's usually cows milk that gives people problems, but I'm sure someone in Lehi could figure out how to get you a milk goat, or there are auctions that my dad goes to. I could look into it if you want. I'm glad you got to enjoy some great times this summer! You deserve it!

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

Awwww, thanks for the shout-out. That Perc was a life saver. I'm off all meds today. No Tylenol or ibuprofen even. :) I'm so glad you were able to have a good time with all your travels!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! You are an inspiration and a courageous woman!