Friday, January 6, 2017

It has been too long

I started reading my blog this morning and it brought back a lot of memories. I can not believe it has been this long! I'm now 27 years old with 2 kids, a long way from where I started in 2010. I did not think I would live, let alone have to kids and an amazing husband. I cannot try to recap all the years I've missed so I won't! I'll start from last night and go from there:) Josh is in his third year of medical school and we are in the process of picking a specialty. I cannot begin to calculate how many hours have spent researching and discussing this topic! We only talked about it for 3 hours last night which seemed really short! We  research our top three choices (Rads, Path, Psych) and research the best programs and take into consideration which are within our reach and which we'd actually be okay moving to. It is insane how much time we have spent on this so I won't even try to paint a picture of how it actually is! We are 90% path and have completely narrowed our research to that specialty. My head wants to go to the very best program that we can get into but my heart wants to stay close to home because the job market for path is not the best and we have been told that were you do your residency/fellowship is likely where you end up. My top two are U of U and ABQ but Josh likes all the programs back east. He is taking into consideration all my feelings about the west and I know we will choose the right program but it totally stresses me out. THE MATCH IS NOT UNTIL MARCH 2018! Check the date entry... It is January 2017. We have been discussing this topic since the beginning of 2nd year! When the dental students start the will end up being a dentist and the podiatry students will be podiatrists but not the DO students...we have a million more decisions! I seriously dream about this topic on a regular basis and am clueless as to what we will talk about after the match! :) Josh has somehow talked me into watching Battle star Galactica with him at night on our projector we got for Christmas and i must admit that I actually kinda like it. There's a sleazy girl I don't like at all but the story is actually not bad! Grant has been sleeping like a champ but for some reason I'm still tired all the time. Josh jokes that I'm pregnant but I'm not. He seriously guesses that I'm pregnant every other week. I don't know how many pregnancy tests I've taken just to confirm that I am NOT pregnant!

Cinderella is over and Ill try to make this a regular thing but no promises. I'm hoping that no one still follows my blog so I can write as I want and not worry about other eyes. Ill try to install a site meter to see if anyone follows!

 Come What May

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Abdurrahman Alandalusi said...

I am so glad you are alright! This is an amazing news. I came across your blog randomly and was checking to see your progress. Please let us know a summary of your journey beating cancer. God bless and I wish you many many years of amazing health and success!