Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Baby Girl

Well if you have not heard by now...
Joshua and I are having a GIRL!!!

We went in with our guesses. I thought she was a girl and Josh chose boy to to have an opposing guess... One of us was bound to be right and as usual...I was right! She was exercising her long Bodrero legs and sucking her thumb :) She was moving so much, the tech had to keep chasing her around and she kept her legs crossed until I emptied my bladder...then we got a good shot...clearly a girl! :) 

I wanted to tell the grandparents-to-be together and since they live within minutes of each other we had a little get together and I brought the treat. My mom could not wait to get to the was quite a scene..people ripping open the cakes to get to the middle! 

I can not wait to meet our little girl. We did not have any boy names that we liked so I always joked that it needed to be a girl for that reason alone :) 

I am growing like crazy now and have fully embraced the paneled pants. I often question why I did not find these many Thanksgivings ago...they are so nice! I will have to keep a pair out for "special" times in the future when I am not pregnant but eat until I look like I am.:) 

I am 23 weeks now and she is kicking like crazy! My favorite is when she kicks so hard you can see it from the outside! 

Life is grand here in the ridiculously hot Mesa, AZ! 


quick update from appointment yesterday...

I gained 9 should have seen the doctors face... :) I did not gain any weight the first trimester and they actually encouraged me to try to make sure I was gaining weight...well...I blew up real fast! She told me not to come in every time with a 9 pound weight gain :) I tried on a skirt that I thought might work for work today...I had about 4 inches space...not even close! I guess I really am stuck with the stretchy skirt Josh bought me and my panel pants!! :) 

Well lunch break is over again! Sending love from WealthPlan Advisers 

Tara + Baby Girl


Janeal said...

Hooray for a baby girl!! What a miracle and blessing she is! Prayers for you for continued weight gain and lots of kicks you can see from the outside. So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Czech Republic (Central Europe). First sorry for my bad English! I also got pregnant after treatment for my brain tumor Anaplastic Astrocytoma Grade 3 Radiation + 12 months temozolomide). Its 30 weeks now. When I first found out I was pregnant I thought it must be aborted because of damage from chemo and antiseizure meds. But thats not necessarily true. Still considered high risk pregnancy though. But I am under best care of my doctors.
I am thrilled! And I wish you luck!

Lori Allen said...

So fun! So happy for you guys. Love the post. and love the cupcakes!