Thursday, June 6, 2013

(Here are some random facebook posts from Tara - I know many of you don't "do" facebook; so I cut and pasted them here:)  It is indescribable to describe the joy that comes from watching Tara be so happy about this baby and knowing there is LIFE inside her!!!  So, here's the posts:)
"My life changed 3 years ago today when I met my Glioblastoma. I have spent this May 14th bring grateful for my life, my testimony, my family, my friends, and our little miracle baby. " (from Becky - we celebrated life and had a surprise party here for Tara - she and I will NEVER ever forget May 14th)

(Last week we spent some time again in the hospital - after watching Tara suffer all this pain, I am quite sure having a baby will be a CAKEWALK!)
"So instead of seeing our baby yesterday I spent the past two days in the hospital... They are not sure what is wrong with me... They took an ultrasound in the ER but did not let josh or I see anything... Luckily we had a nice nurse who found a way to get the pictures on a cd for us... They said the baby is fine but I just have problems. We ruled out kidney stones, gallbladder, and appendix. What else could be so painful is causes vomiting? I know pain and this is at the top of the list... Morphine was not strong enough...
 I am sorry I never updated my status...I think I left a few people thinking I was still in pain in the hospital.... I have not taken pain meds since Sunday and am perfectly stable right now. We still have no idea what went on but I will see the doc again today and hopefully learn something! I went Monday and was able to see the baby! It was moving around like crazy but we still got a few pictures!"

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