Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Surgery #7

Becky here... My brave girl is now behind the double doors again. You would have thought she was going to a party. She is so amazing. Lest week she told me "mom, the timing is perfect! I can speak to the young women at the Conference and then go have surgery! Rachel sccompanied us to the ER today. We laughed a lot, worked on crafts, and played some card games. As Tara keeps reminding me, we need to celebrate LIFE. Josh and Scott showed up in time for surgery. We felt the power of all your combined prayers. We were all calm before surgery (well, maybe not calm enough - we were a little too loud at times). One of the ER docs told us that the markers for infection were low - that means she may escape this without all the complications of infection. She is going to have a skin graft which will complicate the healing process as well as help the healing process. They will take skin from her abdomen. The surgeon wants to take pressure off the incision area so it will stay healed this time. When I asked the dr why the hole appeared again, he said that the effects of radiation worsen over time instead of improve and her skin actually becomes even less healthy. Gee thanks, I never knew that. When we signed up for treatment we pretty much just did every thing they told us to do. We signed pages of releases and listed sides effects and did not really know what we were getting in to. It's probably a good thing we did not know - it's probably better to take it a day at a time. We saw familiar residents, nurses, and ER staff. We were hoping not to have seen them again, especially this soon; but they are generally a happy, helpful bunch of people who are sorry to see Tara go through this again. I did not cry as we left her. I feel somewhat heavy hearted, but yet peaceful as well. It must be the power of all your prayers. Tara was a little sad when she heard the beeping of the IV noise. It reminded her she was in the hospital and probably was a foreshadowing for her of what lies ahead. Thanks to the power of combined prayer, we are hopeful this will only be a little bump in the road instead of a huge detour. I am still amazed that she had a smile on her face all day long. She really does mean 'come what may and love it' and lives it fully. Yesterday was Tara and Josh's 2 year wedding anniversary. So glad they got to celebrate NOT in the hospital. Love you all so much - thanks for your prayers.

Later....  Tara finished with surgery and we got the report from the surgeon. I was so happy and relieved! I am a believer in the power of prayer. Dr. Joganic did not have to do a skin graft aftter all! AND he is seeing no signs of infection and so we will not see our infectious disease doctors either! He took out the titanium plate and screws that we could see, then shaved the bone where it was protruding. After doing those things, he was able to stretch some tissue around and sew her up. He believes the tension will be off the wound enough now that this was worth doing instead of a skin graft. He said that her 'burr holes' from surgery one had filled in with bone tissue and scar tissue so the titanium plate is no longer needed. We hope this will be a lasting fix. She will have the usual pain of recovery; but without these complications; she will get through it much better.  Thank you all sooo very much for your faith and prayers!


Heidi said...

I'm glad there is no infection & they didn't have to do a skin graft! Miracles!!

Love you guys and hope that Tara is back on her feet quickly!

Huish Family said...

Another surgery! Woman, seriously. So glad it isn't tumor related though. You are truly a miracle... Many more lives to touch! Praying for a speedy and happy recovery.
All our love,
The Huish's

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